Task 3: Universal Forms in Charcoal

Learning to Draw: TASK 3

For this task you are continuing your skill building with using tone. By using Charcoal this time, you will not only be trialling a new medium, you will also be using much darker tones and testing how you see tones in these forms.

You first need to add the tonal scale again to the universal forms; Cube, Cylinder, Sphere and Cone. Check out the resource to see how far you can stretch this medium. Using different tools you can see different ways to manipulate charcoal.

Then you may wish to use your own photography and still life compositions to further explore adding tone to your art. Check out the resource for inspiration and guidance;

charcoal practice

Also, see me in this quick demo to see how to use charcoal in different ways 🙂



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3 thoughts on “Task 3: Universal Forms in Charcoal

  1. Nicole Hill Reply

    Hi. My 12 year old is home schooled . She will be following the free video art lessons then follow it up sometime in the new term with the paid course. I would like her to start with this course just to build up her confidence and have fun. Thank you for providing the free videos. Warm regards..Nicole

    1. artblog Reply

      Hi Nicole,

      This is exactly what the resource is for – enjoy:-)

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      1. Nicole Hill Reply


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