Task 10: Paul Cezanne Painting

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This week I want to look at Paul Cezanne with you… the main reasons for this is that his art is considered as being of great importance to the development of modern art. His search for underlying structure of the composition led the way for cubism and then abstraction. I hope to show you how his use of colour as tone, and his obsession with the formal elements of composition, made it possible for artists who came after to question what they saw.

Cezanne was like the father of us all

Pablo Picasso


In looking and learning from artists, such as Paul Cezanne, we can learn a tremendous amount. This task will show you how to take inspiration from an artist, and it will aid your progression; it is one of the best learning tools there is 🙂


Task 10 is to paint a bowl of fruit- inspired by Paul Cezanne

We have already discussed colour theory and how to be creative with your use of colour when painting and drawing. Now we are going to use Cezanne’s inspiration to produce our next art work.

This resource will give you some information about how to analyse Cezanne’s art and what to look out for. If you can write about Cezanne and produce a research page about him, you can later reflect on your own art and where you were successful, as well as finding areas to improve. Knowing what to look for will come from learning more about Cezanne:

Click here for a resource: Cezanne

Have a go at painting fruit in the style of Paul Cezanne

Pointers to remind you of his style:

  • Blocks of colour
  • Use colour to achieve tone
  • His pictures were solid in appearance
  • He loved geometry-geometric simplification
  • He would paint an object from various points of view


Have a look here for a quick example of how to tackle this task 🙂 It is from a Facebook Live demonstration.

Here is my Cezanne inspired painting from the video above…far from perfect but the idea is to learn from one of the greats and see what happens!

Do remember that painting is like handwriting… everyone has their own way so embrace it 🙂

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