OCAD Studio Exercise: Gesture Drawing

After watching my ‘Gesture Drawing’ lesson (see below) and reading through the  accompanying notes you can try your hand at this exercise. If you’re signed up to OCAD Studio then you can scan or photograph your work and send it through to me and I’ll give you some feedback.

I’ve attached a sheet of classical figure drawings for you to use as the basis for your first set of gesture drawings. One version is lighter, to make tracing more obvious.

  1. Print out the sheet or copy them from your computer screen.
  2. Either copy by eye, trace over the lighter sheet or use a sheet of tracing paper over the darker sheet (whichever you prefer)
  3. Try to distil the images to just a few straight lines and simple curves, in order to capture the energy of the figure.
  4. When you’re done with this set, find some of your own references to keep practising, or better yet, sign up to a local life drawing class and try your hand at making these gestures from a model.


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