OCAD Studio: Pencil Portrait 2

Developing the Shadows


  • Paper (preferably good quality paper that will hold up to erasing)
  • Mixture of pencils of differing hardness (2B, B, H, HB etc.)
  • Kneadable eraser
  • Drawing Board
  • Tape

Working within the Shadows

  • Using the construct that you created in the first stage, begin developing the variations with the shadows or darker tones. The construct that you drew last week separated the dark shapes from the light so you can use this as a guide.
  • Begin by laying in the darkest parts of the shadows as this will give you a better idea of how much range you have between the lightest tones and darkest tones.
  • Now work across the drawing, patching in planes of varied tone, you can be quite loose as you are just trying to approximately reach the tones.
  • It’s best to build up your values slowly, always checking to see if the relative relationships between all the tones is correct.
  • When you have added and roughly adjusted all the dark tones, you have finished this stage and you will have a solid starting point for the rest of your drawing.

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