OCAD Studio: Figure Master Copy Part 4


Painting from Part 1

Several medium sized brushes

Oil colours including a red, yellw, blue, black and white (as a minimum)



Thinner (I recommend odourless mineral spirits (OMS)

Linseed oil

Kitchen paper towel for wiping back and cleaning



  1. Look for the region of the painting that you want to be focal point – this will be the most detailed part of the painting and capture the viewer’s attention – usually the face is the focal point of a figure painting. Look for subtle adjustments to detailed parts like the hands, eyes, nose and mouth. The general principles of form and colour apply in exactly the same way that they did during the previous steps. You are just working at a smaller, more detailed scale.
  2. I recommend that you use one medium and a couple of smaller brushes at this stage as most of the brushstrokes you need will be quite fine. However you may want to build up the paint in some blockers areas.
  3. Use a bit more medium than in the previous stages as it will help the paint to flow and enable you to make smoother transitions.
  4. Make sure that the half tones are darker and lower chroma than the highlights as this will make the painting more luminous.

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