OCAD Studio: Low Key Landscape Sketch – Part 3

  • In this final session we will be adding all the lovely, golden points of light on the opposite shores.
  • To make sure all the dark tones are saturated, you will need to begin by washing over some of your medium (all over the whole image).
  • This will ensure that the painting is as dark as it will be when varnished and it will also provide a nice smooth layer to paint the glowing lights into.
  • Next you will need to paint in some pure burnt umber where the lights will be.
  • Use your small detail brush for all of this as you will need to be precise with these tiny brush strokes.
  • This will create a value transition for the warm light colour into the cool landscape colours.
  • Then take dobs of pure cadmium yellow and paint them inside the burnt umber patches.
  • They should blur slightly as they transition into the burnt umber.
  • Once you’ve added cadmium yellow, the only thing left to do is paint pure titanium white within the cadmium yellow.
  • This will make it feel like the yellow lights are really glowing out of the dark surrounds.
  • Copy this process for all the lights in the painting and their reflections in the water.
  • Once you’ve done this you should have succesfully balanced out the gloom with some lovely points of light.
  • Small oil painting surface (primed canvas, panel or oil paper)
  • Burnt Umber, Titanium White and Cadmium Yellow oil paint
  • Small pointed brush
  • Mineral spirits and linseed oil
  • Easel
  • Palette
  • Palette cups


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