How to Draw Awesome Portraits in Profile

Drawing portraits in profile can often be tricky so his quick guide will show you some useful tips for improving your work!

  1. Start by using very simple straight lines to determine the approximate proportions of the whole head – ignoring any details for the time being.
  2. Pay close attention to the overall height of the head vs. the width in particular.
  1. Once the general proportions are in place, you can start to use smaller lines to break the portrait down into smaller forms.
  2. The nose is a good place to start as it divides the forehead from the mouth and jaw.
  3. If you get the nose place correctly, it will be easier to fit in the eyes above and the mouth below.
  1. Once all the major features are in place, you can start softening the straight lines into curves where necessary.
  2. You can also start to place features within the face. Notice how deep the eye is set back in the head – make sure you don’t put the eye too close to the front of the face as this is a common mistake when drawing portraits in profile.
  1. Finally, lightly shade in the shadows and add a few halftones to give a sense of form to the drawing.

Hopefully these tips are useful when you draw your next portrait in profile!