OCAD Studio: Still Life Copy Using Mixed Media Part 2 – Smudging with a Brush and Deepening the Dark Tones

Smudging with a Brush and Deepening the Dark Tones:

  • Begin by lying some extra tone over the darkest regions of the drawing – using compressed charcoal.
  • Make sure that you add enough charcoal that there is some excess dust.
  • Then you can use your largest brush to sweep back and forth and up and down all over the drawing. This will remove some detail but leave a nice smooth base layer for our subsequent detail. 
  • Make sure that the dark tones are really pressed into the darkest region so that you get some nice rich shadows.
  • Once everything has been smudged you can use the kneadable eraser rolled to a point to neaten up any areas that need to be lighter and sharper.
  • You can also use some sharpened willow charcoal and to redefine any shapes that have been lost.
  • Carry on in this fashion – using the willow and compressed charcoals (depending on the value of the tone) to develop the forms.
Course Materials:
  • Paper
  • Compressed charcoal
  • Vine charcoal
  • Charcoal powder
  • Graphite pencils (from 2B – HB)
  • White Gouache or Acrylic paint
  • Various brushes (whatever you have lying around)
  • Drawing Board
  • Tape