Sketch Your Home or Studio – How to Smooth Things Out

This series is the perfect project for when you’re stuck indoors. I will be showing you how I make a study in pencil of my own studio. You can either use the reference provided (see below). Or better yet, make a study of the inside of your own home or studio. You can work from a photo or life – whichever you prefer 🙂

In this session I will be showing you how to smooth out and darken tones without flattening the paper…

  • You will be using a fine mechanical pencil (or a very sharp wooden pencil) to lightly work your way into the grain of the paper.
  • This is one way to make tone darker in graphite without crushing and damaging the paper.
  • Keep rolling the pencil as you work so that the tip statys sharp.
  • I also recommend working from different angles (below, left, right and above).
  • After multiple passes in this fashion the tone will be a lot darker and smoother without having crushed the paper.
  • Don’t worry of the edges are a bit soft as we will be sharpening things up later.

  • Keep doing this with the rest of the image.
  • Work with the darkest tones first before gradually adding lighter tones – this way you will know what the limit of the darkest tone is before trying to fit lighter tones in.

The materials you will need for this course are:

  • Paper (or a sketchbook)
  • Range of pencils (H, HB, B, 2B) – ideally a few mechanical pencils as well as regular ones.
  • Kneadable eraser
  • Sharpener or sanding block
  • Tape
  • Drawing board (if you aren’t using a sketchbook)

You can download the source image for the series here: