Detailed Brush and Pen Drawing – Bolder Accents

This is a series that will show you how to make an artwork in ink using a mixture of brushwork and pen. In this session we will be darkening the accents in the shadows to increase contrast.

You can use the same reference as me by downloading it here:


  • Watercolour paper
  • Small soft round brush
  • Indian ink
  • Water pot
  • Pencil
  • This time we will be using less diluted ink in order to make sure that the darker tones are extra punchy.
  • Start with the parts of the shadows that are near black and then work your way towards lighter shadows.
  • This is still somewhat ‘glazing’ based as the ink will still be slightly transparent as it dries.
  • Take advantage of this by applying a few passes of ink to soften gradations.
  • You can also begin to add more refined textures where necessary.
  • We will be continuing to add more textures with a small brush next week as we move towards completion.