Cute Pet Portrait in Oils – Finishing the Forms

In this series we will be making a pet portrait in oils. In this session we will be continuing to develop the halftones.

Reference Image:


  • Canvas
  • Brushes (one medium and two small)
  • Solvent (mineral spirits etc.)
  • Linseed Oil
  • Easel
  • Palette
  • Palette Cup

Oil Paint

  • Titanium White
  • Ivory Black
  • Burnt Umber
  • Raw Umber
  • Cadmium Red
  • Cadmium Yellow


  • Using the same approach as part 3 – continue to develop smaller forms by adding more complex halftones and lights.
  • You can use a smaller brush to add more gradual shifts in darker and lighter tones.
  • The smaller brush will also help you to catch more specific textures (such as the strokes of the fur).
  • Once all the medium and smaller forms are added, you can leave the piece to dry.