Studio Sneak Peak – Finishing a Skull

In this lesson I’ll be giving you a look at a part of my process working on my own paintings (the work I create to exhibit and sell).

I’ll be adding the final touches to one of my miniature skulls.

  • I begin by oiling in the dark parts of the painting (applying a thin layer of my oil and solvent mix medium)
  • I then look for any shape errors (these are usually minor by the end of the painting)
  • Finally, I add more subtle transitions within the shadows, lights and the halftones that connect the two.

Pear and Ink

Today we’ll be doing a fun little study of a pear in pen and ink. Super simple materials and a nice straightforward process. You can either use the same reference as me (link below) or find your own.



  • Quill pen
  • Indian Ink
  • Water
  • Drawing paper
  • Paper towel for clean up


  • Begin by faintly sketching in the width and height of the pear.
  • Then use light, mostly short, strokes to fill out the outside of the pear and leaf before starting to use short, hatched strokes to create a tonal fill.
  • Shadows will need a greater build up of strokes.
  • Keep working this way until you have hatched in all the shadows and lightly added the halftones (don’t add too many halftones as it will get too dark).

Drawing a Detailed Urban Scene: Finishing

In this series we will be creating a detailed pencil sketch from an urban subject. In this session we will be finishing the drawing.

You can download the reference image here:


  • Pencils
  • Paper
  • Eraser


  • Begin by sketching in the outer sections of the drawing.
  • Keep these parts looser than the focal point (central elements)
  • Then lay in any foreground elements that hovers over the mid and backgorund portions of the drawing.
  • Make any organic element a bit looser than the man-made subjects.
  • Finish by erasing any smudges and re-emphasising the darkest darks and sharper edges.