Task 9: Still life & Oil Pastel Basics

Before we leave this task and begin our next phase, I think it is good for art students to do some experimentation.

This tasks involves completing a still life, to put into practice use of colour and observation skills, which we have previously discussed. As well as this, it is nice to incorporate some more creativity so that still life work does not become repetitive.

The resource below talks through ways you can approach producing your art work so that you are experimenting with new ways of working. This includes things like thinking about your choice of papers and surfaces to use.

Take a look and branch out to create unexpected results within your art:

Creative Art Work


Oil Pastels

When you have your different surfaces and the creative ideas are flowing, do make sure you are experimenting with media also. Oil pastels are a great medium to use for many reasons and can sit on top of many surfaces; which for this phase of your development is great!

There are many techniques you can use to get different effects, but generally they are less messy than powder pastels. Still have some paper towels to hand, a smudge stick and work on top of newspaper…just to be sure.

Applying a heavy pressure with your various colours will blend the pastels without the need to do any ‘smudging’. This is great to layer up colours to create tone in your drawings…try black and white for shadowing or highlighting effects.


Applying light pressure, like the example above, but layering many colours will also work to achieve tone and texture in a drawing. Your hues will change as you add and layer additional colours, so your understanding of colour theory will be really tested 🙂

However you use them you will quickly find they are a very versatile medium. Sketch a contour drawing on watercolour paper, or an alternative surface like what is explored in the resource above, and produce your final colour still life for this task.

Here I am demonstrating the use of oil pastels live on our facebook group:


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