Task 4: Graphite Still Life Drawing

Mastering observational drawing

By nature most artists strive to create illusions.

In this task we will be manipulating values and using what we learned earlier on contour drawing, to create the illusion of form using Graphite.


First Objective:

-Use Contour lines to create the basic shape

End goal:
-Recognize and use value and colour to create the “illusion” of form.


1.  Reviewing contour drawings for a couple of days. Make sure that you understand;
-What a contour is
-Understand the different types of Contours

2. You should draw objects using contour techniques for a couple of days. Make sure that each drawing has a specific goal or benchmark. Look at my Contour drawing lesson from Task 1 to help

3. Practice, Practice, Practice!

4. Address the following questions and check you understand:
-What is value?
-Why do we need value?
-What does it help an artist achieve?


We are going to draw drinks cans. The basic cylinder form is further challenged by the details on a drinks can.

So, to start, you need to try to resist adding tone at first and get the contours perfect on your can.

What you need:

  1. A tonal photograph of the can in the perfect light and angle
  2. The actual can set up in front of you to observe from directly
  3. Your tonal scale in graphite ready to use for shading
  4. Quality white paper

Focusing on what is in front of you, draw the contours of the can (the outlines).


I will show examples in the live demonstration of how I go about this, but also I will challenge this task further…I am going to crush the can!!


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