OCAD Studio: Charcoal Still Life Part 4

In this lesson we will be adding final details to the focal point of the drawing and make the transition between the detailed and textured areas more gradual.


  • 1 sheet of strong drawing paper (I recommend Fabriano Ingres or something similar)
  • A couple of similarly sized sheets of cartridge paper
  • A few different types of charcoal (I recommend Nitram Charcoal in B and HB)
  • Kneadable eraser
  • Hard white eraser (the normal type of eraser)
  • Sponge
  • Kitchen roll
  • Sanding Block
  • Drawing Board
  • Masking Tape


Finishishing Touches

  1. Sharpen your charcoal for this stage as you will be adding the final details and making the transitions more subtle.
  2. Look for small details like scratches and patterns. Draw these in lightly but accurately, if you make them too dark they will stand out too much from the general form.
  3. Texture will tend to be more pronounced in the lights nearer the shadow as the light rakes the form more at that point.
  4. Keeps refining the transitions and details until you’re happy with the overall effect.

Transition from Detailed to Textured

  1. Once the main subject is complete you will need to make the transition from the detailed parts to the rougher/ textured areas more gradual. This isn’t too hard but will make a big difference to how finished the drawing will look.
  2. Just add and remove tone in gradually less even way as you move further away from the point of focus. You can add or remove tone with your charcoal and eraser.
  3. Once the transition feels natural, you’re done!


Remember to keep your charcoal sharp!


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