Task 2: Tonal Scale and Universal Forms

The aim is to add a tonal scale to Universal Forms.

Each of your Graphite Pencils will give you different variations of tone.

Use each of the pencils in turn to get used to how the tonal scale is created using them. The wider range of soft to hard pencils you have, the better this will be when creating your drawings.


Here is an exercise to try:

Task 2 Exercise


Universal forms are: Cube, Cylinder, Cone and Sphere. Once you can apply tone to all of these forms, you can observe and add tone to any object!

There are also many ways to add the tonal scale. Smooth and realistic is something you can build up to and develop this level of control. In between, there are other exercises that will help you to visualise tone and actually develop sketching techniques.


By the end of your practice, you want to be able to use graphite pencils with skill and control to create realistic forms.


You can then apply Task 1 and Task 2 together to observe any object in the future to produce your own still life drawings.

I will be demonstrating how to create 3D graphite pencil forms and still life work in upcoming tutorials on our Facebook Page.


Join our Facebook Group for LIVE lessons and friendly art community where you will find a demonstration of this task- see you there 🙂

Why not have a go at this and post your artwork for me to see. Maybe I or the community can offer support, encouragement and helpful feedback.  – share your work on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM – POST  using our hashtag #ONLINECOLLEGEART


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