OCAD Studio: Pencil Portrait 4


  • Paper (preferably good quality paper that will hold up to erasing)
  • Mixture of pencils of differing hardness (2B, B, H, HB etc.)
  • Kneadable eraser
  • Drawing Board
  • Tape



  • Begin rounding the medium forms by softening the transition between the halftones and shadows blocked in during the previous stage.
  • Only soften the transitions where the forms are round, some forms will be sharper so they will not need to be softened.
  • While you are softening forms you can take the opportunity to even out your shading, it’s best to use a fine point (either a fine mechanical lead or a well sharpened hard pencil).
  • Even out the shading by erasing where the be is too dark and adding when it’s too light.
  • Avoiding working on the details yet, leave that for the next stage. For now just focus on medium forms like the cheeks, chin and forehead etc.

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