OCAD Studio: Drawing Mouths

  • Begin with the centre line of the mouth, this is the anchor.
  • Make sure to make the centre line faint though, as you will notice that there are specific accents (usually at the corners and the centre).
  • Once the centre line is in place, look for the shadow forms of the mouth. When lit from above the top lip will be in more shadow than the bottom lip but there will be a shadow below the bottom lip.
  • Then once the shadows are sketched in, you can find variations within these shadows.
  • The tone will usually darken as the lip forms roll in towards the centre line.
  • You should also add the dark accents at this point.
  • Once the shadows are developed, you can finish the mouth off by adding the halftones and highlights.
  • Lips are usually a bit darker than the rest of the face and they also tend to be glossier, so the highlight will be quite prominent.

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