OCAD Studio: Drawing Ears

This lesson will show you a simple to follow process for drawing ears – something that a lot of students have trouble with!

  • Begin with two oval forms (they can overlap slightly).
  • These describe the upper and lower parts of the ear.
  • Then you can start to articulate the outside edge of the ear.
  • You can slo start to find the shadow shapes within the ear – these can be pretty abstract so just try to focus on what you see.
  • Then you can shade in the shadows.
  • You should find that this really helps the ear to feel more realistic.
  • In some looser drawings, this level of detail may be just right for the ears (as they tend not to be the centre of focus).
  • Finally, you can find darker tones and reflected lights in the shadows shapes.
  • You can also use half tones to render the interlaced ‘barrel-like’ forms of the ear.

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