OCAD Studio: Comparative Measurement

In this lesson I will show you the basic principles of ‘comparative measurement’ – this is a pretty tricky technique, and for a lot of artists it may feel too scientific, so I totally understand if you’d prefer to work in a more instinctive and expressive manner. I personally don’t tend to work this way in my own art, however I do occasionally refer back to the principles when I’m problem solving an issue in my drawings.

  • You’ll need to start with a height for the subject (a mark for the highest and lowest points).
  • Then you will need to figure out how wide the subject is relative to its height.
  • It could be half the height, 1/3rd or 4/5ths.
  • Then match this ratio in your drawing, doing so will ensure that you match the major proportions exactly.
  • Follow this process for the rest of the drawing.
  • Look at the relationship between distances within the subject and then match those relationships in your drawing.
  • It’s all about ratios which can seem very technical but this helps ensure that you are super accurate.

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