Task 4: Graphite Still Life

Task 4

Graphite Still Life


This tutorial is mainly going to focus on the preparation of your still life art work.

Taking photographs and exploring your subject before taking on a drawing is very important. 

Why spend time producing your own photography? Not just grab an image off the internet to copy?

Firstly, you have to think of your own development and creating unique art works. Taking inspiration is great, but then applying that knowledge and setting up your own compositions is important for how you see your art evolving in the future. Plus, you need the objects in front of you to create a better observation drawing…the photo is just an additional tool to prep the outcome 🙂


Things to consider:


  • Rule of odds
  • Rule of thirds
  • No clutter
  • Frame the image well
  • Range of tone
  • Range of forms

Ideas for objects

  • Cans
  • Crushed cans
  • Shells
  • Fruit and Veg
  • Shoes
  • Toys / Lego
  • Origami
  • Ornate objects

Have some objects ready to take photos of and preparation will be discussed in our upcoming live tutorial. When the tutorial has happened, a clip will be posted below for future reference 🙂 Enjoy

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Why not have a go at this and post your artwork for me to see. Maybe I or the community can offer support, encouragement and helpful feedback.  – share your work on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM – POST  using our hashtag #ONLINECOLLEGEART


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