Creating Exciting Landscapes from Imagination

This exercise is an extension of the previous lesson that covered thumbnail sketching from imagination. This time we will be following a similar process but we’ll be working to a slightly larger scale which will allow for more detail.


  • Charcoal
  • White Chalk
  • Eraser
  • Toned Paper
  • Start by lightly sketching in a medium sized box (about 15-20 cms wide).
  • Then place a horizon or hill line to separate the sky from the land.
  • Add any features that you want.
  • I add some trees on the left and a winding river shape in the bottom of the valley.
  • Then start massing in tones in the darker parts of the landscape.
  • Once the dark tones are sketched in, add the lighter tones.
  • I added a large bank of clouds on the right, starting with a line for the left hand edge that describes their shape.
  • Using this basis, you can start to elaborate, deepening the tones and developing the lighter forms with chalk.
  • Keep gradually adding detail until you are happy with the result!

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