Hyper Real Skull Study in Pencil – Rendering the Small Forms and Finishing

In this final session, we will be building on the larger tones that we added during the last part. We will be following a similar process but focus in on smaller forms and textures, so that the skull can look as detailed as possible.

  • Start by putting some final touches on the background and cast shadow.
  • Blend the penumbra of the cast shadow into the background so that it sits behind the skull (this helps pop the subject off the surface of the paper even more).
  • Then look for the smaller forms within the larger forms that we added during the previous session.
  • They will tend to be more prominent nearer the shadow edge (particular rougher textures).
  • Work your way gradually across the whole drawing until you have added all the smaller forms.
  • Once they are in you’re done! You may find that you need to use the eraser to clean up any smudges and to make sure that the highlight in the centre of the skull is as bright as possible.

The materials you will need for this course are:

  • Paper
  • Range of pencils (H, HB, B, 2B) – ideally a few mechanical pencils as well as regular ones.
  • Kneadable eraser

You can download the source image for the series here:



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