Sketch Your Home or Studio – Starting to Add Detail

This series is the perfect project for when you’re stuck indoors. I will be showing you how I make a study in pencil of my own studio. You can either use the reference provided (see below). Or better yet, make a study of the inside of your own home or studio. You can work from a photo or life – whichever you prefer 🙂

In this session we will begin to refine the drawing – working on each section gradually.

  • You will need a sharp pencil (or mechanical pencil like mine) in order to work on very small sections of detail.
  • Take your time as you work. I find it useful to limit myself to a specific area at a time – rather than wandering all over the drawing.
  • Pay particular attention to hard and soft edges.
  • Take the computer screen above for example – it has a very sharp edge compared to the softer shadow edges on the wall behind.
  • This helps push the wall behind the screen.
  • Finding very small forms within the drawing and paying particular attention to them will make it look more detailed very quickly.
  • Always take time to step back and look at the whole image regularly.
  • This way you won’t get too lost in individual sections of detail.
  • It’s important that you stick to the general statement of tonal relationships established in the previous stage.

The materials you will need for this course are:

  • Paper (or a sketchbook)
  • Range of pencils (H, HB, B, 2B) – ideally a few mechanical pencils as well as regular ones.
  • Kneadable eraser
  • Sharpener or sanding block
  • Tape
  • Drawing board (if you aren’t using a sketchbook)

You can download the source image for the series here: