Fun Colour Study of a Houseplant – Neatening Edges and Shapes

This series will show you how to create fun studies of plants in acrylics using a simple bold palette.

In this lesson I will show you how to neaten up your initial lay-in of colour, ready for more detailed passes.

You can download the reference image here:

Materials: –

  • Acrylic paints: White, Bright Yellow, Bright Blue and Earth Red
  • Water cups and water
  • Palette – Paper towel
  • Medium sized flat acrylic brush
  • Small pointed brush
  • Begin by mixing up your darkest colour (likely a blend of your earth red and blue).
  • Mix this with a bit of water to create a slightly runny consistency – then gradually work your way around the piece, filling in any ragged white edges.
  • You can also use this as an opportunity to alter any mistakes in the shapes of the leaves etc.
  • Once you’ve completed the darkest tones, you can mix lighter greens to do the same thing within the leaves.
  • You can also neaten up and slightly embellish the plant pot.
  • Finally, add some highlights back into the leaves using pure white.
  • Acrylics tend to be quite transparent so we will keep doing more of these highlight passes of the next few sessions.