Kieran’s Video Classes

Trained in classical techniques in Florence, Italy, Kieran has been featured on Sky’s Landscape Artist of the Year and Sky’s Portrait Artist of the Year. He currently exhibits his work with galleries worldwide. His weekly classes on drawing and painting range from the fundamentals to the more complex!

Jemma’s Free Task Videos

As an accomplished artist of many years, and a fully qualified art teacher, the drawing and painting videos from Jemma will be invaluable to you. Start with her 17-part video course first to take you from the very beginning of the artists’ journey. By the end of this, you won’t know yourself!

Student Portfolio Case Study Videos

We regularly interview our most successful students, so you can see first-hand what’s required to qualify and push on. Watching our students talk through their work, the hard graft behind it, the support they received every step of the way, and sharing in their joy at their results, will not fail to motivate you!